About Us


In today’s day and age, access to almost everything has moved to digital means. E-comm solutions today have become a primary method of catering to our daily needs.Today every person who wants to buy something their first priority goes on the digital world. Milk is one of the most common items of daily consumption, and yet, for most of us, access and distribution are controlled by local suppliers and distributors. The challenging thing in our project is that we can deliver a quality of milk to the customers doorstep whis is in good quality,hyegenic and affordable price at their convenience.

Further considering their needs in term of milk products requirements, we can categorize them into-

Regular: Users for whom a subscription model will work better.

Occasional: Users needing an on-demand service or standalone orders.

2:-Our story:-

The idea came to us when there was an epidemic in the whole world.In March 2020, when it was announced that the entire country is being Lokdown.The general public was very nervous about the things to eat and drink. People could not go out of the houses.Then we decided to bring such type of milk related products which are free from adultration and full of nutrition,these products should be delivered to the doorstep of the people.The Duneera family has always been extremely conscious of healthy eating and always had concerns about the adulteration or antibiotics in their milk products they consumed.In the covid epidemic, we have decided that we prepare some such quality milk product so that people remain healthy.Duneera and his team are involved in manufacturing the best quality milk and milk products and taking it to many more cities in Rajasthan.We have tried to start on a scale so that people can get good quality of milk product at their doorstep with the help of e-commerce.

Thus Duneera was born.

By considering customers health to our first priority,we always to provide such type of milk products which are free from adultration and having good nutrion in them.

Our actions and behaviour towards our customers and our products make us unique.With our positive thinking and attitude we will give the best products in reasonable price and good in quality to our customers.Our main motive is not to provide any type of adultrated product to the customers.They can get proper acknowledgment from us at any time.We will always be there for them.We will give our product at their doorstep by considering covid type situations.

At Duneera we believe in a simple philosophy about our products – “Are you eating well today wih us then if you want leave the whole life for healthier tomorrow?”If the answer is "yes" then come join us to make the whole world healthy.

3:-What we do:-

We are manufacturing raw milk to pasturisation stage through milk processing with the help of different methods.After pasturisation we are delivering our milk to different customers on the basis of their demands.We are providing differnt products to the customers which are manufactured through our comapny.

To provide the safest and highest quality product to the consumer, the Pasteurized Milk wich provides standardized guidelines. Manufacturing of milk defines practices relating to milk and processing plant design, milking practices, milk handling, sanitation, and standards for the pasteurization of different Grade milk products.

Heat Treatments and Pasteurization :-

Raw Milk is obtained from the different sources of milk(Cow,Buffalo) under sanitary conditions and cooled to 45°F (4°C) within 2 hours of milking. Milk is picked up by a handler who takes a sample and then pumps the milk from farm's bulk tank into the milk truck. A handler may pick up milk from more than one farm, so a truck load may contain milk from several farms when it is delivered to the processing plant. Before the milk can be unloaded at the processing plant, each load is tested for antibiotic residues. If the milk shows no evidence of antibiotics, it is pumped into the plant's holding tanks for further processing. If the milk does not pass antibiotic testing, the entire truck load of milk is discarded and the farm samples are tested to find the source of the antibiotic residues. Regulatory action is taken against the farm with the positive antibiotic test. Positive antibiotic tests are rare, and account for far less than 1% of the tank loads of milk delivered to processing plants.

Milk at the plant is stored at less than (7°C) and is usually processed within 24 hours, but can held for up to 72 hours (3 days)or more before processing. Longer holding time allows for growth of spoilage organisms that grow at refrigerator temperatures, called psychrotrophs.

The conditions of the heat treatment used for pasteurization depends on the final product - lower temperatures are used for refrigerated products and higher heat treatments are used for products stored at room temperature. The Milk Processing section contains general information on operations important in milk processing. A brief discussion of milk handling from the farm to the processing plant are:

Milk that is shipped between Plant and the customers :-

  1. Milk Production
  2. Curd /chach Production
  3. Cheese Production
  4. Channa production
  5. Khoa production
  6. Ghee Production.

4:-Why Duneera:- :-

By considering customer health to our first priority duneera bring hundred percent pure milk which are healthy,natural taste ,having great in texture and free from any adulteration.Keeping a complete family and their health in mind Duneera prepare such product in which it can be consumed from children to the elder one.