Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • Customer can cancel/stop their subscription using Duneera mobile application or by reaching out to the customer support.
  • Multiple Accounts cannot be created with same address, if found then Duneera has the right to cancel/stop the Customer's subscription.

FnV Cancellation (At the time of delivery only)

Going forward, if the customer denies taking the FnV order at the time of delivery, he/she will have to pay a cancellation charge of Rs. 100.


By registering with Duneera, you give us the permission to send you notifications on WhatsApp

Billing Policy & Payment

  • The billing cycle for customers is 15 days. ie bill is generated twice a month.
  • In case of bill payment in cash, please submit the OTP that is sent to your registered mobile number before handing out cash to our delivery partner.
  • Customers are liable to receive the Transaction details for the latest 6 months only, CD will not provide the Customer transaction details beyond 6 months.
  • Customers can download the latest 3 months bills through the Duneera Application.

Return Policy :-

The return policy has been revised. As per the new policy, Duneera doesn't have a return policy until and unless it is related to the product quality. Hence if the customer wants to return a product because he/she doesn't require it, in such cases we will simply deny the customer.